Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Network marketing, by it’s very nature is all about TEAMWORK.  As John Maxwell once said – if you want to know if you’re a leader – look behind you and see if anyone is following.  If there’s nobody there, you’re just out for a nice stroll.

As of today – I’m just out for a walk by myself.  My first post was met with a high level of skepticism from some of the biggest names in the industry.  And rightly so.  I haven’t yet earned your respect.  As far as anyone is concerned, I have no credibility and my intentions are highly suspect.

Among the chief concerns was that I might have an agenda or hidden bias.  I attempted to lay some of the potential fears to rest by stating publicly that I am not beholden to any network marketing company, nor am I a puppet for someone who is.  But that really wasn’t enough, was it?

Here’s what I thought about when I accepted this assignment… The dog is often referred to as “Man’s Best Friend”.  A watch dog protects.

I want to be clear in saying “I LOVE NETWORK MARKETING!”.  I will always be a loyal friend to the industry as a whole.  Part of being loyal to the industry I love is protecting it from the bad apples.  I want to celebrate the people who are doing things the right way.  Those who engage in questionable practices or do things that are outright illegal need to be exposed.

All of that said – it would be impossible for 1 person to effectively police the industry.  That’s where YOU come in.

If you have information or concerns that you believe need to be addressed – my request is that you email me directly at

I look forward to having a productive relationship with many of you who are active in the field and are passionate about protecting this industry!  Teamwork will enable us to keep the dream working for all the newcomers.

– The Successor

4 years ago

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  1. I have read through the short amount of articles you have posted the last couple of days, and feel they are well written and straightforward.

    I am cautious due to the secrecy. A watchdog doesn’t hide, but stands out front protecting those it loves.

    I love Rod and Marcy like second parents and just want to make sure Rod’s legacy is preserved.

    I also love the community, and have learned that in most cases, what we first see as a potential situation to harm a independent professional, isn’t always as it seems.

    Although there are times when a company’s executive team can have hidden agendas, in many cases, there are legit reasons behind their actions.

    I do believe you seem to love this community and I’m sure willing to check out your thoughts and ask questions on a regular basis.

    Keep the news rolling.

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