Anger Grows at Happy Co.

Former top distributors for The Happy Co. were sent threatening letters after they left to join another company.  Distributors were warned that they aren’t allowed to join or recruit in any other network marketing company for 1 year after their resignation. 

This policy was added to Policies and Procedures long after many of these leaders had joined and it was assumed a person agreed to these terms if they continued accepting checks.  In other words, distributors were quietly force to choose between keeping the business they had worked hard to build or agreeing to rules that were extremely biased.  Some have speculated this policy was added specifically to stop distributors from joining Amplifei which was founded by Robert Oblon after he was removed from The Happy Co’s board of directors when they were known as Elevacity.

The original MLM Watchdog formed the Distributor Rights Association specifically because of these predatory and unfair policies.  Rod Cook always maintained that distributors were independent and could leave a company at any time they chose without being subjected to the Policies and Procedures of the company they resigned from.

One of the board members for the D.R.A. was none other than Garrett Mcgrath.  After Rod was no longer able to operate the D.R.A., the name was changed to the Association of Network Marketing Professionals and it is believed Garrett continues to serve as President of the ANMP.

In addition to Garrett’s role with the ANMP, he’s also serving as President of The Happy Co.  If you were expecting Garrett to honor Rod’s legacy and support the rights of individual distributors in his current role as President of The Happy Co, you’re in for a rude awakening.  Now that Garrett has transitioned from being a distributor to working on the corporate side, he’s abandoned his support for distributors in exchange for a nice office and a consistent paycheck.

Running an organization can be quite challenging.  But running two organizations with competing interests has proven to be impossible for Garrett McGrath.  Since Garrett is no longer willing to fight for distributor rights, The Successor is calling for his immediate resignation from the ANMP so that a suitable replacement can be named.

Stay tuned for disturbing allegations regarding Robert Oblon and Amplifei.  Things are getting ugly!

1 year ago

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