New U Life Comes Under Fire

It was only a matter of time before regulators came down on on New U Life for their flagship product “Somaderm Gel”.  On August 26th, TINA (Truth In Advertising) issued a scathing report detailing the numerous concerns ranging from the product claims and adverse effects to concerns about legal jeopardy it’s distributors may be putting themselves in. 

Although MLM Watchdog was given some anecdotal evidence about possible issues more than a year ago, we weren’t able to establish a connection with people who had experienced adverse reactions to the product.   When questioned, reps voraciously defended the company and extolled the benefits they had experienced using the product.

There were numerous problems that cropped up in early 2018.  Here’s a list of the concerns shared with us:

  • Alexy / Alex Goldstein’s aliases
  • No social media presence
  • Somaderm Gel incredients
  • Adverse effects of Somaderm Gel
  • Charges for product that never shipped
  • Duplicate charges for product
  • Numerous Lawsuits

According to our sources, Alex Goldstein has used several variants of his name.  Alexis, Alexy, and Alex. 

Searching for images or profiles of Mr. Goldstein on Facebook and Google yielded almost nothing (as of March 2018) which many found to be strange.  This added fuel to the suspicions that Mr. Goldstein wasn’t who he claimed to be.

New U Life claims to be a homeopathic HGH gel.  Although FDA labs verified there was no actual HGH in the gel, there are still unanswered questions about what is actually in the product that is causing people to have adverse reactions.

People have reported a recurrence of cancer, hair falling out, skin lesions and medical test results that suggest some serious adverse reactions.  Of course, there are also people claiming some phenomenal benefits as well. 

I don’t believe in throwing the baby out with the bathwater when it comes to nutritional supplements.  The fact is, many products that are marketed through MLM are of the highest quality and help people who are looking to regain control of their health.  That said, it’s important for our industry to be vigilant in protecting consumers if and when people begin reporting adverse reactions.

Another common complaint in mid-2018 stemmed from a product shortage.  The company failed to anticipate the demand for their product and the company manufacturing their product didn’t have the ability to rapidly scale production.  When the company ran out of product, people continued to be billed for their auto shippments even though no product was ever shipped.  When product did eventually become available again, people were getting double orders.  These issues were exacerbated by the lack of customer service.

The MLM Watchdog reached out to New U Life to get a statement from them regarding these issues.  Here is a list of questions that were submitted to the company via email in November of 2018:

Who formulated the Somaderm gel?

What qualifications or credentials does the formulator have?

Does Somaderm contain any measurable amount of Somatropin (HGH) in it?

Have you received any adverse reaction reports?

How does the company address reports of adverse reactions?

Is the company involved with any litigation pertaining to its products or business practices?

A number of distributor websites appear to be making disease claims in connection with Somaderm. What is New U Life doing to bring distributors into compliance?

It’s been reported that huge income claims are being made at public events and online. What is the company doing to ensure distributors comply with income disclosure requirements?

Has New U Life taken compliance enforcement action against any distributors? If so, how many have been sanctioned or terminated?

There have been complaints about billing including being charged for product(s) not received and being charged for product after their orders were cancelled. How is the company addressing these concerns?

Some have complained about an inability to reach anyone at the corporate offices to resolve customer service issues. Does New U Life have customer support representatives? If so, how many?

What is the average response time for a support call to be answered?

No response was ever given!


The MLM Watchdog was made aware of a lawsuit that was brought by former Boresha founder, George Najjar.  For those interested in reading the allegations, you can find the case information here: Najjar vs. Goldstein

The litigation hasn’t been limited to former business partners.  New U Life has taken a page out of Melaleuca’s playbook and sued former distributors for Breach of Contract after making disparaging comments about the company.

The MLM Watchdog was founded by Rod Cook who was a firm advocate of distributor rights.  This includes the right to speak up when they have concerns about the company or individuals who are doing things that could damage the industry we love.

If you or anyone you know would like the MLM Watchdog to report on a story – please leave a comment below.  We’ll investigate.

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  1. I used to work there and not only are they cheating their customers but cheating their employees. It was like high school working there. They keep changing policies, changing your supervisor, and for god sakes, they even had to move cubicles all the time! I got fired for no apparent reason. I was sick and was fired. I among several other people there worked our asses off, we were underpaid, and harrassed. My supervisor Tejara called me during a dr appt and told me that my lunch should be part of driving to their useless meetings. By the way, she physically hurt one of here employees….they think they are gods. They are the worst company i have ever worked for. They powertrip and they are full of greed; the owners, managers, and supervisors. They put fear in people.

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    stressful, I would love to share some info with you that could help.
    I you are open to this you are welcome to call me, my cell is 919 818 8740
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