Rod Cook – MLM Legend

On Tuesday, January 26th 2021, the network marketing industry and founder of this blog passed away peacefully after a courageous fight to regain his health.

Rod was the founder of the Distributor Rights Association and was a true warrior for our industry and each of the distributors who worked their tail off to build a successful business.

When someone was wrongfully terminated from their company, Rod was there for you. 

When unfair policies and procedures were forced on distributors, he was there for you. 

When companies changed their compensation plans to hurt the distributors, he was there for you. 

When fraudsters tried to rip distributors off, he was there for you!

Those who knew Rod well saw many different sides of the man.  In one moment, he could be tough as nails and in the next, have you laughing hysterically. 

Rod always had a great story to share.  He was a living example of the fact that information tells, but stories sell.

Rod leaves behind an amazing legacy in the network marketing industry and a beautiful wife.  Marcie, you’re in our thoughts and prayers.

10 months ago

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  1. I will miss Rod greatly. He was like a drill instructor at times and a dad at others.

    He always took the time to mentor and guide me. He asked me to be part of the DSA Founders and to serve on the Board.

    Miss Marcie has been right there. She always treats me like a son and tells me what she is thinking.

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