MLM Trainers That Kill, Steal & Destroy

Those that can, DO.  Those that can’t TEACH.

I’ve heard this dozens of times in my 40+ years around the network marketing industry.  The industry is full of trainers who failed miserably in their business, but felt “called” to become a generic trainer.  Some of the biggest names in the training industry have never built an organization from scratch.  That doesn’t mean they’re bad trainers.  Most of them have valuable information that will help you build your business.

When MLM Trainers Kill

If there’s one thing that is critical to a network marketing business, it’s momentum.  The right training can help a company or a team gain a lot of momentum quickly.  But when a trainer doesn’t understand the company culture or they encourage the wrong behaviors – it can kill momentum faster than you can blink.

Network marketing businesses always unravel from the bottom up.  When the people at the bottom aren’t making money, the upline starts to give up in rapid succession.  It’s not long before the top leaders are looking for ways to replace their income… And this sets up the next big problem.

When MLM Trainers Steal

There are a number of coaches and trainers claiming they aren’t building an organization in any company.  Why?  Because they know they won’t be hired if a potential client is afraid they might try and recruit the people they’re being put in front of.  It’s never a good idea to lead a wolf into the hen house.  Yet this is exactly what’s happening right now!

Just today, I got an email forwarded to me from a well known couple that has been doing generic training in the industry.  It appears to have been sent to virtually everyone they had ever trained.  It started off reminding the recipient that they’d been top trainers and an announcement that they were going to start building a business again. Imagine the horror the clients must have felt when they realized they’d helped these trainers gain access to all of their top leaders.

When people are happy with their income and the corporate leadership, it’s very hard to recruit them.  But if there any cracks in the armor, getting an email inviting someone to be part of a new ground-floor opportunity can be too much for some to pass up.  This is how people are stolen from an otherwise healthy company.

When MLM Trainers Destroy

The minute people start joining a former “generic” trainer in a new opportunity, it begins to erode and destroy the very fabric the industry relies heavily upon – TRUST.  Every day, people ask their friends and family members to trust them that the product will make a difference for them.  They ask people to trust their leadership ability.  Trust the people training them.  Trust the company.

Would you ever encourage someone to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars going to a Go Pro event if you thought Eric Worre would secretly recruit your leaders into some other company?  Of course you wouldn’t.  If you had any inclination that you’d lose someone to any trainer – you’d do everything in your power to stop or dissuade them from going to that event.  Once that trust has been destroyed with one trainer – it becomes easy to paint others with the same brush.

Without trust, the entire industry collapses.

Those who choose to be trainers or vendors in the network marketing industry MUST hold themselves to a much higher standard.  Anyone that is given access to proprietary information or relationships in this industry MUST put their integrity before income.  If a trainer wants to go back to building a business, it must be built with people they had a prior relationship with or people they develop new relationships with outside their work as a trainer.  If a person wants to continue training, they need to fully disclose potential conflicts of interest and assure a potential client that they will never allow anyone from that company to join his or her team.  The trainers with integrity won’t have a problem putting that in writing.

A message to those who have breached trust:

If you think you can have secret positions in companies – you’re not fooling anyone.  We know who you are.  There are no secrets in this industry.  If you’re contacting people that were introduced to you through a position of trust in order to recruit them into another company – consider this your fair warning to STOP IMMEDIATELY.  Any further attempts at recruiting people will result in your communication being published on MLM Watchdog.  Save yourself and the company you’re pitching the embarrassment and potential legal action.

3 years ago


  1. Research James B. Catledge. Net Worth Solutions.
    Now in US Federal Court, San Fran
    Also a Hegemon Associate.
    Yep…all back together, ready to scam again.
    GOD HELP US, the victims of unparalleled misrepresentions in the investment industry.

  2. Thank you for the tip Susan. Having looked into this, it seems as though this fraud was occurring back in 2011, but I’m unable to find any recent activity. If you have specific information that I can track down please email that to:

    the mlm watchdog @ (no spaces).

  3. Jay Noland needs to be stopped FTC is on him but he’s leading sheep to slaughter with
    Success by health
    Success by media
    A FAKE orphanage in Kenya
    All with a coffee label!!!

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