MLM Telephone Tips

Rod Cook Publisher-Owner MLM INSIDER Magazine
This #1 MLM Gripe Costs Thousands of $!
It’s hated, it’s obnoxious, it’s insidious and may have cost you landing that coveted distributor who could sign up thousands. Is Hi tech, Low touch killing you?
The Speed Freak – This guy is on methampthetamines or 13 cups of coffee. He thinks that by speed speaking his message he will save a dime on the phone bill. Sorry Freak, nobody can understand your message much less copy down your number. All of us have a tendency to speak our own telephone number too fast – we know it too well! Slow down on your name and number. Most answering systems start from the beginning when played back. Start your message with your name and then slowly repeat your number. Example: “This is Rod Cook my number is 2-1-0 6-4-6 9-4-1-6 again 2-1-0 6-4-6 9-4-1-6.  I called to ask you about…”
The Stupid Freak – Gets on the answering system and blunders around. Make notes before you call someone, either machine or in person! 1 or 2 lines is fine if that covers the subject, it keeps you from driveling on and sounding stupid. It can save a lot of time if the person on the other end gets your message and knows what to talk about when they call you back. It builds good relationships and saves on the phone bill.
Recruiting Message Outbound- Do your homework. Leave a message that sparks interest, tells what you can do for them, hit them with just headlines of benefits to them in less than 30 seconds. Don’t expect a call back. What you just gave them was a short infomercial. The prospective recruit knows who you are and that you care enough to take time to give them information. Have a live message ready if you get them on line. Don’t sound like a telemarketer!
Bad Breath Out – Poor responses in. Listen to your outgoing message on your answering system. You can spend thousands on MMM, USA Today and the Internet and get hang ups because of a poor message. Let’s face it, if you don’t have a good, pleasant voice, have someone else record it. Keep your message clear, interesting (vs monotonous) and keep away from humor because few of us can do it well.
Hit Them Twice- Then leave the message: I’ll assume that your needs have changed and that you decided not to take part in the opportunity of the decade. If you change you mind please call me at _____. You will be surprised at the response. Don’t be sharp – just a little on the sad side!
Little Things – Stand up when possible. You need the exercise and it gives depth to your voice. Don’t tuck your chin down when speaking. Don’t sound like a robot. Buy a good phone. AT&T makes the best sounding portable on the market. You can buy inexpensive rebuilds at their phone stores. If you don’t like calling, get a partner that does!
Your Company – In company reviews the INSIDER criticizes companies for their poor voice mail. You can sign up a new distributor- then lose him in a month if your company has poor voice mail. Human answering is still the best. Some of the fast growing companies still stick with that system. Harass your company if their voice messaging is the least bit flaky.
Ed. Note: From a survey of over 1000 callers in the last two years. Many networkers don’t realize the importance of the telephone. It is the essence of MLM $$$
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