MLM Hall of Fame – The Good, Bad & Ugly

The list of people being recognized in the 2018 Ambassadors of Network Marketing Hall of Fame is a mixed bag.  There are some truly fantastic leaders on this list along side some people who should be ex-communicated from the industry.

According to Business For Home, the people chosen are “international servant leaders promoting the Network Marketing – Direct Selling Industry in a generic way” and they’re “active on social media, speakers at generic conventions or serve through international organisations”. So far, so good.

The problem starts when they define servant leadership.  By defining servant leadership as a “philosophy and set of practices that enriches the lives of individuals, builds better organizations and ultimately creates a more just and caring world” it suggests that each of the people shown is living up to this standard.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Before I go on, I want to make it clear that there are some absolutely incredible people on this list; people that I know personally and have a profound admiration and respect for.  But there are also people on this list that are being recognized – merely because they’ve gotten speaking gigs at “generic” events.

There have been numerous people that have been put on a platform and recognized as “leaders” that have no business being edified in any way, shape or form.  Being at the top of a compensation plan, making 7 figures or authoring a popular book or training does not erase the damage a person has done to the industry.

My message to those who are hosting generic events – STOP behaving like cable news channels and putting people in the limelight simply because you want the ratings.  You might sell more tickets to your events, but it’s at the cost of the industry reputation.  Edifying people who have caused companies to be shut down and who continue to be named in various investigations is completely inappropriate.

To those of you on the list that have been wonderful ambassadors to the industry – I hope you will contact Ted Nuyten on his Facebook page and speak up about the people that DO NOT belong on this list.  You know who they are.

3 years ago


  1. WOW

    Raw and direct..

    Being at the top of a compensation plan, making 7 figures or authoring a popular book or training does not erase the damage a person has done to the industry. I totally agree with you about this.

    The ones you are refering to might sell more tickets to their events, but it’s at the cost of the industry reputation. It means a lot of harm.

  2. Thank you Luis. There’s no room in the industry for people who are out there mucking it up. We’ve got some bad apples out there making outrageous income claims, disease claims, and doing things that make the industry look bad. I’ll call them out every time.

    If you know of any specific people, feel free to send tips to: The MLM Watchdog @ (without the spaces of course).

  3. It is called pick your poison and if it suites you best to have a system protocol that is broken in the first place. When it comes to social media promotion and techniques. It can be over rated at best. I have seen plenty of pretend leaders out there go overboard with the egos and make it all about themselves rather than focus on people and solving there problems and issues. These dumb experts do not see the forest for the trees business wide. Its all about money and packing them in. Remember this. People are a resource, it’s money on the table. People are the foundation of what we are building here. And what we are building here is a better mouse trap, improved product, a much needed service.

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