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The following article is from the MLM Insider Magazine, June/July 1995 Issue.


The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) craftily picked on the weakest point in the Herbal industry.
The FDA at¬tacked BY using your State Department of Health. The herb is Ma Huang, not well
respected by some Herbalists. When Congress passed the new Dietary Supplement Health and
Education Act last year, the FDA saw its power over MLM companies going down the tubes. No doubt,
a flurry of plotting occurred in the FDA “War Room” until it came up with a master battle plan. A war
plan to put MLM herbalists back under its thumb. The FDA’s cold calculating attack was designed to
split and conquer MLM herbal defenses. The FDA compliance division (the NRA would call them “jack booted”) found State Stooges (SS) in 10 states (Departments of Health) that we have heard of. Were these stooges hand picked because they curried favor with the FDA? The rumors are that these SS Troops are looking for fatter paying federal jobs working for the FDA.
The attacks were wrapped around synthetic ephedrine. Synthetic ephedrine can be used to make “cat” and “ice” in a kitchen with simple chemicals. These are some very heavy forms of methamphetamine that are bad drugs. Ma Huang can’t be used to make methamphetamine, no way, nada, zip zero. Poor innocent Ma Huang, a herb, contains eight different weak chemical forms vaguely related to pure synthetic ephedrine. The FDA SS followed the party line and lumped Ma Huang in with synthetic ephedrine (found in cold remedies and pep pills). To read the garbage the SS Troops put out, it appeared drug lords had switched to pushing Ma Huang!
If you belong to ABC, Cell Tech, Kaire, Life Plus, Melaleuca, NFL, VAXA and other good major MLMs legitimately selling phyto nutrients or vitamins, you will wake up one morning and find your products banned! First the FDA (and its SS) get the not so popular natural products banned or controlled.Then, item by item they put on more controls. This is a political tactic called INCREMENTALISM. It means done “piece by piece.” It is an insidious political maneuver that allows big brother to sneak up on you. The FDA Incrementalism will take the states one by one and products one by one. The ultimate war plan for the FDA AND SS to divide and conquer is in action! Coming to an MLM company near and dear to you soon!
CITIZENS for Health, Box 1195, Tacoma, WA, 98401, has uncovered a very serious plot by the FDA which is sneaking in a new regulation (not law) to make all of it’s communications with state and foreign governments SECRET! Citizens for Health says, “Having been caught more than a few times in the dissemination of distorted, biased, or untrue information, the FDA now seeks to defy the long-standing bipartisan effort to allow more citizen participation in government.”
Editor’s Note: CITIZENS for Health is a great organization, headed by Alex Schauss, Ph.D., a very level headed activist. They put out information on secret FDA attacks and regulatory action adverse to the herbal/vitamin industry. CITIZENS for Health won the coveted 1994 Award for Governmental affairs – Federal Category, of  the American Society of Association of Executives. They have 167 chapters in the U.S. If you don’t belong, you are wrong! If your MLM Company sells any kind of consumable item and doesn’t belong, they are negligent. Join, and tell your company to join so that they will be around to pay your commissions! CITIZENS for Health is at 1-800-357-2211, FAX 206-922-7583. Call now!
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  1. Have you looked into New U Life HGH? It’s registered with the FDA and has a national drug code.


    1. Some of the claims I’ve heard distributors making are going to get this company in trouble if they don’t get involved and do everything they can to put a stop to it. Registering something with the FDA doesn’t give a company license to make disease claims.

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