Do you own your Nerium Business?


That’s the message Nerium corporate is sending all of it’s Brand Partners (see attachment below).

According to the new Policy and Procedures – if you leave Nerium, you’re not allowed to recruit anyone from the company and you could GO TO JAIL if you try to recruit anyone to a new opportunity after leaving!

One might have thought that the Bhip vs Amway lawsuit would have put an end to these shenanigans, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

What’s ironic about these policies… when a company is starting up, they’re extremely happy to have leaders bring their teams in from other companies.  But when the tables are turned… not so much.  Draconian policies don’t stop businesses from failing.  If anything, failure is expedited.

It is my position that a business YOU are responsible for building belongs to YOU – not the company you’ve partnered with.

– The Successor



If you or someone you know is the victim of bad corporate policy… let us know at

3 years ago


  1. These type of fear tatic and strong arming IS WHAT GIVES the industry a bad name. Here is an idea Nerium have an opportunity people dont want to leave? Nerium do you provide these individuals with employee benefits, retirement, insurance or unemployment? Do you ask these individuals to pay to join the business making them independent distributors of a voluntary army? Then why do you feel you own them? Your not protecting their business your trying to protect your business.They wouldnt leave or be recruitable if they were satisfied with the company correct? Whats the standard you are held to as a company? You change the product line, the pay plan, under fund country launches, ship orders late but yet thats ok? The owner is either being sued or suing someone and thats ok and this helps the BP’s when their prospects see all this garbage online? As a company you need to maintain an opportunity for these independent brand partners that allows their business prosper and grow.If this was internal message to brand partners this company has sunk to the lowest of levels. To try and scare and place fear into the organization is about as low class as it gets. I didnt realize Nerium as a company had degraded so far. So much for creating a positive uplifting company.

    1. Seems like they could learn a thing or two from Steve Wallach. When one of his big leaders went to start up another company, he let him sew his oats elsewhere. When things didn’t work out (as he figured would happen), the leader came back. Holding distributors hostage is the wrong move. You don’t win hearts by pointing a gun at their head.

  2. These are solid comments for sure.

    I hate Noncompetes and don’t see a need.

    However in the case of Narium, according to at least one lawsuit, there had been at least one competing company who paid for a leader to offer BDAs to others in Narium.

    Now although we could debate BDAs in another post, what this type of action does do, is harm the BP who do see Narium as offering a solid grouping of products and income opportunity.

    As an MLM advocate and Watchdog, do think it is right that those who are left behind trying to build their Nerium should have folks raiding their organizations?

    1. You can count on BDAs being addressed in the very near future. Business Development Agreements AKA Bridge Financing AKA back room deal making… It’s not a good thing for our industry. But I’ll make my case as to precisely why I feel that way. I’ll probably ruffle a few feathers in the process.

    2. Troy I agree with your comments except lets not forget Jeff started this company Nerium by recruiting away Mark and Tammy Smith from legal shield through underhanded tactics. Now that brand partners are leaving they are just following Jeffs example correct? I just think its interesting he feels he deserves a pass on his tactics but wants to stop brand partners for recruiting the same way?

    3. I’ve posted another article that addresses BDAs. I would appreciate your input on that.

      But there’s another important discussion to be had when it comes to raiding. Have you ever noticed that network marketing organizations always unravel from the bottom up? When a leader can’t put people in faster than they fall out the bottom – their income drops. And when it drops to the point where they’re not making ends meet – they look for other opportunities.

      I can’t say with certainty what happened with those involved in litigation with Nerium, but experience says that when they resigned or were terminated, the people in the organization wanted to know where they went and wanted to be on the new train with them. That exacerbates the unraveling effect.

      As Benjamin Franklin once said “A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still”. When a company tries to intimidate or regulate the actions of their volunteer sales force – it damages the entire industry. What person in their right mind would want to get involved in an industry where they and anyone they bring into their business will never be able to leave without severe consequences?

      This litigious strategy is incredibly short-sighted. My hope is that industry leaders like yourself will be able to help CEOs see the error in their thinking.

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