2×2 Illegal Matrix – Beware the Warning Signs




  1. Begin networking with experienced leaders by your side. Gain 2 personal sales – that’s all every person has to produce. (UNLESS YOU WANT TO ACTUALLY GET PAID)
  2. Help those 2 get 2 for 6 total and you cycle. (FAT CHANCE SEE STATS BELOW)
  3. Each cycle pays $300.00 cash and a $200.00 Walmart / Sams Club gift card. (WOW $500 JUST LIKE OTHER 2X2 SCAMS)
  4. Each time you cycle you move to the top of a new matrix. (GREED BUT UNLESS YOU HAVE A BIG LIST OF SUCKERS YOU WILL NEVER SEE THIS)
  5. Watch your matrix fill again and again with the same people. Over & over. (FAT CHANCE)
  6. Spillover qualifies for a cycle as long as you have 2 personal sales. (SPILLOVER? FAT CHANCE!)

A 2×2 Matrix works and makes money for the company (in this case MPB) because the majority of the fools that jump in can’t sign up 6 people. The average 2×2 Matrix Cycler pays out about 14%. The Scam Company ends up FAT, Rich and Happy. That means that of every 100 people that join 14 get paid. That means in MPB case for every $20,000 paid in only $2,800 is paid out. HEY! With that kind of cash flow you can afford a great looking website like MPB

Trim International, previously ran by Gary Calhoun generated complaints because of advertising paid for and no value received. This was a “We Automatically build your Downline” scam. This run created United Media Pro. United Pro Media The BBB has an F rating on United Pro Media (see here)

Southeastern Delivery, LLC – THE HYPE: “a successful home delivery grocery business, headquartered in Pensacola, FL.” Despite all the hype it is owned by Gary Calhoun per the BBB (see here)

To provide educational clarity this is a pyramid scheme pure and simple. Why? You only fill positions (called pyramid head hunting) to collect money! Easy simple hunt heads, DON’T SELL PRODUCT in this case it is so pathetic it is not as the FTC calls it a “Fig Leaf” – So this matrix is a pure pyramid scam!

3 years ago

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