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If you haven’t visited MLMWatchdog in a bit, you might have noticed the brand new look of the website.  The change in look also comes with a new editor.

Before I share a little about my own background, I want to pay homage to the ORIGINAL MLMWatchdog, Mr. Rod Cook.  Rod fought to expose injustices within the Network Marketing industry for more than 30 years!  There has been no greater advocate than Rod when it comes to distributor rights.  He is, and will always be a legend in this industry.

In recent years, Rod’s health declined and he was not able to advocate for you, the network marketer. Rod and his lovely wife Marcie made the difficult decision to hand the reigns of MLMWatchdog to someone who would fight equally for the hard working men and women in the profession.

I’ve been around the network marketing industry for more than 40 years.  I’ve had the privilege of knowing and working along side some of the biggest legends in the industry.  I’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly.  When I was asked to put my experience and passion for the industry to use as the new editor of MLMWatchdog, I was truly humbled.

I want to lay out my vision for what I want to do with this site.  First and foremost, I will be the champion for YOU, the network marketing distributor.  If I see bad behavior in the industry, I’m going to put a giant spotlight on it.  You can count on me to always be an advocate for doing what is RIGHT, not necessarily what is popular.

One thing I want to make perfectly clear: I am not a consultant or distributor with ANY network marketing company.  If I’m highly critical of someone’s actions or call into question a company’s intentions, know that I am unbiased when it comes to all reporting.  No #FakeMLMnews here!

In order to maintain my ability to report on what’s happening in the industry, I have chosen to be referred to simply as… The Successor

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    1. Hi Richard – Although we’ve never officially met, I’ve loved your “live” videos and appreciate how you’ve represented the industry.

      I appreciate the question and I did my best to answer it in the post. This is an assignment I accepted with a lot of careful thought and consideration. I’m a fan of integrity and truth.

      The guys like you who have always worked to do what is right will LOVE what is posted here.

  1. I think remaining anonymous is an unwise choice. If you’re going to stand for something you need to stand up. Criticizing from the shadows carries no credibility.

    Rod was a stand up guy. Anonymity wouldn’t have even occurred to him.

    1. I appreciate your opinion Terry. The choice to be known simply as “The Successor” was given the blessing of the original MLM Watchdog team.

      I am assembling a team of reporters – some of whom will choose to use their names for a particular story. You have my word that this blog will NEVER deal in gossip or anything that is not verifiable.

  2. Agreeing with Richard and Terry … to fully have transparency in a profession where credibility is often in question, we need crusaders by name … not those who are shifting and wondering in the shadows.

    1. I sincerely appreciate your thoughts Bret. Batman didn’t need to reveal his identity in order to do the right thing.

      If I was afraid of a dissenting opinion or idea – I wouldn’t have enabled comments or be approving them.

      You might not have a “face” to go with each and every article, but you will have the truth. In fact, the main reason for not publishing my name is simple to have MORE access to the truth.

      When a bad guy knows he’s talking to the cops – he’s not going to speak as freely as if he’s talking to an old friend. I have a lot of friends throughout the industry and I don’t want any of them to worry about being “outed” for sharing something that could be incriminating.

      Anyone who has concerns about the authenticity of a post is more than welcome to comment. I will always do my best to respond appropriately to each and every person – even if they have a different point of view.

      Respect isn’t demanded… it’s earned. I hope to earn every readers respect in time.

  3. I agree with Richard, in asking who you are and what is your background.

    Being around for 40 years doesn’t really prove much.

    And for someone who states this site is for the people, you sured used the word “I” a bunch.

    This community and industry has changed much over the last 40 years, and especially the last 10.

    Most folks didn’t know Rod, and sure don’t care about who he was. Although this is a sad fact, it’s a fact indeed.

    The profession in many ways have become very self-centered and the clear cut lines between who or what is the actual catalyst of an issue.

    And in many cases, the private equity holders who control large databases can cause as much or more issues for the companies as the company owners might cause the independent professional.

    Before many of the influsencors and authorities in this community will trust and support your vision, there will need to be some verification.

    Just calling yourself “The Successor” isn’t going to go very far.

    And in this community, there really aren’t any secrets for very long 😉

    1. Thank you for the comment Troy. I sincerely respect your opinion.

      You’re absolutely right – the industry has changed RADICALLY in the last 10 years. Once upon a time, corporate controlled the downline printouts and all communication. Today, social media has uprooted the power players and has placed the ability to speak freely back in the hands of the people.

      As you pointed out, the younger generation have probably never heard the name “Rod Cook”. I was fortunate enough to have a relationship with him before his health declined.

      I’ve spoken with Marcie Cook. And while she and I don’t have a close relationship, she has always been aware of my name and she gave me her blessing. I wouldn’t have taken on this kind of a responsibility were it not for that fact.

      I have no grand illusions of people trusting or respecting me. That’s something that has to be earned over time. I could have chosen a “real” sounding name, but purposely chose The Successor for 2 reasons: 1. I wanted to honor Rod. 2. I’m committed to the success of this industry.

  4. One last thought. You might want to talk to your legal team.

    The 9th Circuit ruled that blogging public ally on a commercial site isn’t protected by the 1st Ammendment. It’s commercial speech. So if you are truly going to go after folks, expect a fight.

    Rod, didn’t have the same rules as you do!

    1. Thank you for pointing that out Troy. I’ll keep that in mind.

      Hopefully, I won’t need to call Kevin Thompson any time soon. 🙂

  5. Gentlemen, All great points raised regarding the Successor. My thought is let us see what he produces and then make judgement. AS a former Watchdog I say let’s give him the benefit of the doubt until such time he doesn’t earn it. Unfortunately, there are practically no credible watchdogs out there any longer.

    1. I appreciate your willingness to at least give me a fair chance Corey. I’ve posted another article inviting those interested in being a part of the “New” MLM Watchdog to join the team. There’s no way I can do it alone. Even if I could, that wouldn’t be honoring Rod’s incredible legacy and everything he stood for.

    2. I agree Corey. Some people look for an issue when there is none. They want the spotlight so they come up with all the what ifs and blah blah blah blah. The Successor has eloquently explained his position. Now we just have to hold him accountable moving forward. The other commenters raised some valid concerns but they have no bearing on this guy or woman doing the task. If Rod Cook passed the torch that should speak volumes about the successor until proven otherwise. Me all I am concerned with is the facts and the truth about MLM issues and could care less what the messengers name is as long as the message is correct.

      1. By all means – hold me accountable. If there’s ever a question about my position or integrity, I fully expect you and others to call me on the carpet. This is a labor of love, not a business venture. I will not be held hostage by anyone threatening to withhold financial support. Simply put – I want to keep the good guys honest and rid the industry of people and practices that will hurt it.

    1. Thanks for being a part of this community. If you’re interested in being a reporter – please have a look at the article I just posted.

  6. Rod started this site to protect the Profession from scams and from distributors from being wrongly terminated.

    What will your focus be?

    And, will you be consulting with Rod and Marcie along the way?

    1. You can count on seeing posts about anything that harms distributors or the industry. And you won’t have to wait too long. I just received some interesting information that needs a microscope!

  7. I am all in for your new mission anything is better than what we got… I don’t need to know your name I just want to know you will tell the truth and be fair, search and research your findings until the truth can be reported.. it will cause a lot of people to feel uncomfortable and that’s a good thing…. the truth is always right even if it comes from a masked man… I will be your Tonto and my name is Donnie G Walker… I love Rod and Marcie been on board with them a long time and hope this turns into the industry go to for fair and truthful information… now let’s go to work

    1. I’m glad to have you as part of the community Donnie. Rod and Marcie are HEROS and they will always be loved and respected. My goal is to honor their legacy by helping this industry (and distributors) be wildly successful!

  8. its so good to have you. Please do continue the good works of Rod, exposing all the ills in this industry. It,s totally possible to bring cure and healing what ails this noble industry.

  9. I left this industry in 2012 due to the corruption I saw first hand. Rod was a huge help during the years up to then. Please continue do carry on in the same spirit.

    1. Thank you Jim. I will always do my best. And if I get it wrong, I pray someone will let me know and I will set the record straight. The industry as a whole is wonderful. It’s a relative few bad apples that make it difficult for the good guys like you. I hope that one day, you’ll find an honorable company to be a part of.

  10. Hi Successor, MLM Insider will be relaunching with a new look and mobile friendly and as I did with Rod would love to work with you to expose the negative elements in the business. Sincerely COREY

    1. Corey – I’m committed to serving this industry and collaborating with anyone else that has a passion for serving! My inbox is always open – themlmwatchdog at gmail.

  11. Rod was a “real” person he said what he thought
    he believed in the industry and sharing
    big boots to fill

    1. I have a tremendous amount of respect for Rod. He was instrumental in creating what is now the Association of Network Marketing Professionals or ANMP.

      One difference between Rod and myself is our involvement in the industry. Rod was both a distributor and a watchdog. In order to maintain my integrity as a watchdog, I will never be a distributor for any company. I want to make sure I’m calling balls and strikes fairly with absolutely no bias.

    1. For the time being, I’m not setting anything up with Facebook or doing an email list. If I decide to do something different in the future, I’ll make an announcement.

  12. PLEASE!!! Jay Noland needs to be exposed!
    He’s currently running success by health / success by media
    Running a fake orphanage in Kenya. His pay out claims are false & he asking $3K & $5K from people already in the company just to see him ‘teach’.
    Which consists of belittling people and telling them they are nothing if they don’t reinvest $5,000 after spending $20K over a couple months on products yet to be seen in most cases!
    We already have the FTC on him and he announced moving headquarters to Panama and I don’t mean Florida.

    He needs to be exposed!! We chose to leave and we’re hit with a 3million dollar lawsuit that was thrown out due to lack of evidence. Just for saying we were done.

  13. I could care less WHO the messenger is, as long as the truth is posted.

    Rod Cook is one of my hero’s for having started what was originally called the “Distributor Rights Association” of which I was a charter member. They sought out to expose tyrannical actions by companies in our wonderful industry, and defend the distributor. It meta-morphed into ANMP, which no longer has the purpose DRA used to have. Perhaps a new version of DRA will evolve with it’s original purpose.

    Thank you very much for taking the torch. I miss Rod Cook and have missed the MLM Watchdog updates. I’m glad it’s getting new life breathed into it. 🙂

  14. It has been a while since I visited this website. I have noticed that most dates say 2 years ago. Is this website still active? Is the Successor still active on this website? Be blessed.

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